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About us
Green River is a farming company established in 2012. We are based in the Lower Silesian of Poland. We grow, harvest, pack and ship green asparagus from our own crops. We control all stages of production from field to shipment. We can guarantee our customers the finest quality asparagus, grown and processed with the highest standards of food safety. Our commitment to food quality is reflected in the company’s food safety certificates and systems: Global G.A.P., Tesco Nurture, Sedex, F2F.

Green River asparagus isn’t just good – it’s good for you.

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Quality guarantee
Green River Company has the highest stringent food safety and freshness rules of conduct. As a green asparagus producer we have introduced and certified Global G.A.P.The main purpose of this system is based in production process, not only regarding the HACCP rules but also proper hygienic and manufacturing practices.